Pubg Mobile Lite Smooth Extreme Config Download


Well if you are playing pubg lite then you may have lag problem on your android device and if you face then i sure that you play pubg mobile lite in low RAM devices. Some pubg player has low processor android phone so they can’t play effectively so, that the reason I have a solution so that you can easily play pubg lite without any lag issue.

Many pubg lite players want to play in smooth extreme option but they can’t do, that’s the reason i have a config file which helps you to play pubg mobile lite without any obstacles. Your gameplay must be going smooth when you applied the pubg lite config on your app. But do you know what  is pubg lite config file and how it’s works?

If not then don’t worry in this article you will get complete solution and answer of all your question in your mind related to config of pubg mobile lite. First of all i will answer what is config file in pubg lite and how it makes our apk to run in smooth extreme option. Do you know how many types of graphics setting available in pubg lite. Then your answer is also written in this article.

What is Config File

Config file is also called as configuration file which helps to change the data of any android application like pubg mobile. It is designed by developer who has vast knowledge of programming and it’s extension is .xml, .txt and e.t.c. By using config file you can change the setting of some graphics by removing the unwanted things which improves your gaming experience because of smooth gameplay. In pubg lite you find it in expreme option in your app.

So, It’s very important to note that some of the config file may contains malware which is harmful for your app because it can steal your data and may be your pubg lite account be banned. There are lots of config file available on the internet like unlimited health, high damage, zero 0 recoil and much more.

By applying this config file you game setting will change and it converted in to 60 fps and may be 90 fps (frame per second) it depends on your phone ram because as i seen to many user their setting can change up to 120fps. As we know that soon BGMI lite will be launch so i think the developers can make to play pubg lite in low performance device like 1 gb RAM , 2 gb and so on. currently we have only this method to beat the hang.

Install Smooth Extreme Config

Now it’s time to talk how to download and install config file. First of all i will sure that there is no malware in this file if you not believe me you can check it by uploading this config on various website which checks virus of the config file. Download Config is much easier than you think. Ready to play your smooth pubg lite by applying this lots of codes developed by highly experienced developers.

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